Jacob Hamblin Home

Jacob Hamblin Home Utah is a fascinating site for anyone interested in Mormon history and pioneer life. It is located at 3325 Hamblin Dr, Santa Clara, UT 84765. The home was built by Mormon craftsmen in 1862 and 1863 from red sandstone and ponderosa timbers from Pine Valley. After serving as the home of the Hamblin family for seven years, it was purchased by the State of Utah and restored to its original appearance. Since its restoration in 1974, it has been operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A fantastic read.

The Jacob Hamblin Home Utah is an incredibly well-preserved structure that was built during the Mormon settlement of the state. Many of the bricks were found in the original Santa Clara fort, and some of the remaining bricks still remain in the home. The museum offers visitors the chance to experience life in a Mormon pioneer home.

The home was built in the 1860s, when the Santa Clara settlement was flooded by a river. After the flood, the settlers had to construct new homes. John Hamblin was away at the time, so the missionaries provided the family with temporary housing. The Hamblin home was completed in 1862, the year after the flood. It was made of sandrock quarried from the nearby hills and assembled by the Iron City masons. It was constructed on a hillside and features a porch on the first and second floors.

The Jacob Hamblin Home Utah is an historic site that showcases Hamblin’s life as a pioneer. He was an important part of the settlement process in Utah, as he helped the white settlers settle the area and help the natives adjust to life in the new country. The site is also home to many artifacts that commemorate the pioneer’s life.

The home has a formal mid-house entryway, two bedrooms, and a living room. It also has a steep stairwell that leads to an impressive common area. It is also equipped with a fireplace and features a porch. There is a large room on the west side that is used for civic events.

Jacob Hamblin had a large family. His wives, Sarah Priscilla Levitt and Rachel Judd, bore him six children while they lived in the home. His second wife, Sarah, bore three more children while the family lived in Santa Clara. After his first wife died, Jacob Hamblin married Louisa Bonelli. Louisa bore him one child while they lived in Santa Clara.  Browse around this site

Jacob Hamblin’s life story was fascinating. His journals were filled with information. His autobiography, Jacob Hamblin: A Narrative of His Life (1881), contains fascinating details of his life. This book, which has many illustrations and maps, is the first complete biography of the frontiersman. It is 642 pages long, with an additional 100 pages of endnotes. There are also many photographs and other artifacts.